BI solution adds a white-label dashboard to your platform with just a few line codes. is a dashboard creation tool generating dynamic, stunning, interactive BI dashboards for data visualizations and dashboard reports that are available for all sizes of businesses from small to large enterprises.

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Learn what can do for you is a cloud-based platform that brings data insights to the customer with valuable real-time data, KPIs, financial metrics, and more. offers to add an interactive and stunning dashboard to your business intelligence and analytics platform in just three simple steps; connect business intelligence and data warehouse with the use of an out-of-the-box connector to build your plugin, then build an interactive and stunning dashboard with simple drag & drop with zero codings, finally just integrate your dashboards with seamlessly into any technology with few line code.


Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser  (OS independent)

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  • Connect and integrate

  • Swift & easy dashboarding

  • Collaborate and distribute

  • Analytics As-A-Service

  • Embedded Analytics

  • Data connectors

 Connect & Integrate 

This business intelligence tool helps you to just drag and drop your Excel sheets, CSV, TSV, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, or other spreadsheet files via liking your datasets together and enrich them with thousand of curated read to use datasets on socio-demographics weather, traffic, and more. It makes sure that the right person processes the right database from your relational database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server. With streamlined cloud services, it connects to data that is already in the cloud file system such as Google Drive and applications of Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Teamleader, etc. 

This solution offers you to build your integration with a powerful API and connect to a data source that is not yet available.

 Swift & easy dashboarding BI tool creates stunning interactive BI dashboards with zero coding. It allows choosing over 40+ configurable best visualization tools available for use including several geospatial visualizations like choropleth maps, symbol maps, dot maps, hexbin maps, and many more. It adapts & optimizes your data for the dashboard for a great result on every device. This transforms your data into sophisticated & interactive dashboards in an instant with a user-friendly interface.

Collaborate & Distribute Business intelligence allows fast, secure, and hassle-free shared data, dashboards, and insights that are embedded in your website & apps with your team that turns your data into valuable information. This also amplifies your dashboards and insights via disturbing them through various online channels such as social media or email.

 Analytics As-A-Service offers white-labeled intelligence analytics and data dashboards within your own SaaS platform that helps you to save time and money and make focus on your resources on your platforms. With streamline, you can make personalized dashboards or datasets on a client-specific basis without having a single line of code. This offers a value-adding analytical feature to increase your business revenue.

 Embedded Analytics 

Embedded analytics empower your clients to do more with data by creating interactive stunning reports and dashboards right inside your environment within no time. With a seamlessly built-in integration platform, it offers users a streamlined integrated analytical experience through a user-friendly interface. business intelligence solution offers an embedded feature including, customize styling, powerful API, authentication, dashboard editor and even connect all your data with 40+ configurable visualization that go beyond the typical chart.

 Data Connector data connector blend and analyse any data in your organization for the use of out-of-the-box connector to connect and explore database, files and online service like Google Analytics, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, API, MongoDB, Oracle, Amazon Athena, MariaDB, PipelineDB, ClickHouse, and many more. It offers to connect your API, a unique data source using plugin architecture in no time.

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How to login with
  1. In Desktop, select Server > Login. Enter the name or address of your server, and then click Connect.
  2. Enter your user name and password, and then click Login. If you have access to multiple sites, select the one you want to use. You can also enter the name of the site and search for it.
How can I create account with

A new user account with can be invited by adding his email and desired role. An invitation email will be sent, where the user can complete the user account creation.

How to install

You also choose to customize the installation directory, port using the Advanced Install Option. Follow the steps to install Double-click the downloaded .exe to begin the installation process. Click Advanced Install to start the installation.

How to uninstall

A user can be easily deactivated with, which disables the login for that user. Any content created by that user remains available. A list of deactivated users can be accessed in the filters on top - a user can be easily reactivated from here (assuming there is enough analyst slots available to re-activate an analyst/admin account).

How can I reach to technical team?

For help in determining who your site administrator is, you can reach out to their Customer Support team at
and include your Online site name if you have it, sales order number, and invoice they can make sure you get access as soon as possible.
How much is pricing?
  • Startup at $335.00 per month.
  • Basic at $1145.00 per month.
  • Professional at $1795.00 per month.

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