Cluvio is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that helps your business to visualize data via a dashboard. Cluvio integrates with your database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform, MariaDB, Exasol, and more.

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  Cluvio Business Intelligence is a solution that creates your first dashboard in few steps; simply connect your entire SQL database & data warehouse, run your SQL queries within the database & visualize the data, Share dashboards and reports by inviting your team via the link, and then drive better decision to steer your business in the right direction.

Culvio business intelligence analytics includes features such as SQL editor, customizable R script, dashboard sharing with clients and team, and also provides support via email and an online portal.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser  (OS independent)

Key Modules

First Lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview

  • Interactive and shareable Dashboard

  • SQL editor

  • Embedded Analytics

  • Easy collaboration

  • Database security

 Interactive and shareable Dashboard

Dashboard or Cockpit is the heart of the Cluvio Business Intelligence solution.  It runs your intelligence business queries, filters your results, and chooses the most vivid way to display them. With a streamlined shareable dashboard, you can manage your users and private sharing the link with colleagues and clients, so that all team plans will be in one place and everyone can make data-driven decisions. 

Cluvio also has a feature of directly accessing the dashboard without having to log in; just you need to share dashboards via a secure sharing link. You can also share via emails via scheduled sharing of a dashboard or report through email that pushes information to the user and provides a regular snapshot or trigger conversation. This email contains the dashboard in the format of images, PDF Excel or CSVs. These dashboards are interactive, so it allows easy change aggregation, selecting a particular time range, and filters dashboard through any individual attributes of your data.

 SQL Editor  

 With a streamlined SQL editor, you can code complete, a syntax highlighting and parameterized quire that turns your code into snippets reusable that can be reused anywhere within Cluvio, database almanac in real-time with SQL Alerts.

Cluvio not only automatically suggests the best visualization data charts by analyzing your queries but has a database almanac that explores your datasets & automatically suggests the best tools for data visualization.

This BI solution runs custom R scripts on the top of your SQL query to Dig Deeper into your statistical analysis and extract more value from your data. With SQL alerts editor, you can easily run at your specified schedules, this leads you to get an automatic email if the alert condition applies.

 Embedded Analytics 

Standalone dashboard in business intelligence or integration into your application empowers analytics for your customer.

With streamlined dashboards and reports, you can embed your business analytics tools solution and save your time. This solution offers you to choose to display a complete dashboard or single report without switching between them. It allows you to make a report look as they are part of your application with a configuration option for selecting different schemes color and control which filters are applied by postMessage.

Easy Collaboration 

Sharing with key stakeholders of data and analytics is best maximized in a business intelligence setting. This intelligence analysis solution makes the easy collaboration of dashboards and reports within the team. Cluvio view-only user permission provides the feature of altering and visualizing data to the right person at the right time.

Database Security  

Cluvio allows running queries that empower the business analytical reports; it needs to access your database or data warehouse. So, this business intelligence solution provides the best practice approach to establishing access securely for connection both cloud-hosted database or database installed on your own servers on the cloud provides an own HW behind a firewall.

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With free version, you get:
  •  Three dashboards with all analytical capabilities
  • 1000 SQL queries execution per month

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How to login with Cluvio?
 Please enter your credentials to login with Cluvio. Visit here
How can I create account with Cluvio?

A new user account with Cluvio can be invited by adding his email and desired role. An invitation email will be sent, where the user can complete the user account creation.

How to install Cluvio?

You also choose to customize the installation directory, port using the Advanced Install Option. Follow the steps to install Cluvio. Double-click the downloaded .exe to begin the installation process. Click Advanced Install to start the installation.

How to uninstall Cluvio?

A user can be easily deactivated with Cluvio, which disables the login for that user. Any content created by that user remains available. A list of deactivated users can be accessed in the filters on top - a user can be easily reactivated from here (assuming there is enough analyst slots available to re-activate an analyst/admin account).

How can I reach to Cluvio technical team?

For help in determining who your site administrator is, you can reach out to their Customer Support team at include your Cluvio Online site name if you have it, sales order number, and invoice they can make sure you get access as soon as possible.
Is Cluvio free?
Cluvio pricing starts at $99.00 per feature, per month. There is a free version. Cluvio offers a free trial.

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