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Overview, Comparison, & Features

Zoho Books accounting software is all in one small to mid-market businesses software that manages your finances, keep your GST complaints, help your department work effectively and automate the business workflows with all types of supported operating system such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Learn what ZOHO Books can do for you

ZOHO Books create retail invoices in few seconds, sends estimates, converts them to GST invoices, and give your customer an online payment mode option to get faster payments.

With streamlined cloud-based best accounting software, you can have powerful features including contact management, invoices, expense, sales, reporting, client portal, inventory management, and so on.

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ZOHO Books

Supported Operating System:

Web browser (OS Independent)

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  •       Invoicing
  •      Client portal
  •      Expenses
  •      Estimates
  •      Billing Management
  •      Bank reconciliation 
  •      Reporting 
  •      Inventory management
  •      Online payment
  •      Automation software 


Zoho Books provides unified invoicing accounting software that sends customize statement to your clients and manage receivable effortlessly with multiple currency payments. This book's software also offers to send a professional invoice with an addition of your company logo by changing fonts, customize invoice templates that reflect your brand. It empowers direct uploading your invoice to the IRP so that you can pre-validate your invoice fields in the prescribed formats. It also sends an automated email reminder to your clients for follow-ups. 


With streamlined accounting software, you can create your estimate within a few seconds effortlessly. Simply add contact information, item details, and prices in Zoho Books and sends the quotes no matter where you are. You can even customize your estimates with help of Zoho Books templates just the way you want to reflects your company brand. Seamlessly Zoho client portal helps to send estimates, get approved, and make collaborate with clients in real-time. Zoho estimate software lets you convert your estimate into an invoice as soon as your client accepts it and save your time.

Bank reconciliation 

Zoho Books account informs you where about of your money whether has a single account or multiple effortlessly. It connects, imports, and reconciles your account in no time. Zoho Books gives you expedite transaction matching by identifying the best match for a breeze. 


Zoho Books turns your data into information with help of dashboards, reports, and charts that covers all your receivables, payables, inventory, and more. Zoho books accounting software dashboards provide you a full insight of income and expenditure of your total receivable, sales, top expenses, and so on at a glance.

Inventory Management 

Inventory tracking accounting software captures complete product details such as SKU, product image, vendor details, cost, and stock in hands. Zoho Books not only create a customizable price list to offer your preferred vendors and customers but also track your items from the moment you create them.

Client Portal 

With the Zoho Books client portal, you can share recent transactions, accelerate the estimate approval process, capture feedback and allow your clients to make payments in bulk. Seamlessly feedback offers you to identify the area where your company needs improvement to promote your business through satisfying your customers. This accounting software gives you a real-time alert when a client view, accepts, declines, comments, or makes payments. 


ZOHO Books accounting software offers you to track your business expenses and let you know where your business stands-out and helps you to take short-term and long-term business decisions. The software offers you to keep all track of outlay from office supplies purchases to employee per diems in a single place, so that you categorize them, and bill them to your customers when necessary. 

Simple expenses accounting software for your business has a powerful feature of auto-scan that lets you fetch all important information from your documents to make things easy for your accountant. 

Billing Management

Zoho Books software for your business offers you to create a bill for your purchase, sends and manage bills online with automatic adjustment for your stock level when the goods have been received. It also offers a recurring bill for purchase at regular intervals, let you add landed costs to your bills for calculating the right selling prices, send the bills for approvals, and associate line items with your customers.

Online Payment 

Accounting software offers an acceptance of online payment for your growing business with the integration of popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Paytm, and more that give hassle-free working of collecting online payments from your customers. The software provides automatic mark invoices as soon as customers pay you.

Automation software

Smart Zoho accounting automation software for your business automates tedious, high-volume, and error-prone tasks including complex business workflows for customer payments. This software reduces your repetitive tasks such as chasing payments, sending recurring invoices, creating a recurring profit by sending out transactions for you. 

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With free version, you get:

  • 1000/yr invoices
  • 1000/yr bills
  • 3 users
  • 1 GSTIN 
Can Zoho Books be used for accounting?

Right from negotiating deals, to raising sales orders, to invoicing, Zoho Books can manage mundane accounting tasks so you can put focus on your business. With role-based access, in  Zoho Books you can add your colleagues and your accountant to your organization so they can have log time, view reports, or handle your accounts.

Is Zoho Books accounting free?

Zoho Books accounting software provide a free online accounting experience for Indian businesses with turnover less than 25 lakhs. You can explore from invoicing to GST filing, manage all your accounting needs with Zoho Books accounting softwared.
How can I access my Zoho Books accounting software?
Log in to Zoho Books or create your account by signing up for Zoho Books.
Enter your registered email address or phone number.
  1. Enter your password.
  2. Click Sign In.
Is Zoho Books secure?
On Zoho Books your data is secure from inside access, Zoho Books performs regular vulnerability testing and is constantly enhancing its security at all levels. All your data is backed up on multiple servers in multiple locations and  on a daily basis.
Can I use Zoho Books accounting software offline?
Zoho Books accounting software is an online accounting software. Zoho Books do not have a desktop version at this moment.
Can Zoho Books access my data?

Zoho Books can access to your data and is restricted to a numerous number of employees on a need-to-know basis in order to provide you technical support. This access can be reviewed periodically.

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