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Wave is online accounting software that is designed for small business owners, freelancers, and consultants to help streamline bookkeeping processes. Wave accounting offers a Wave mobile app for android and iOS users for mobile invoicing and expenses tracking on the go. 

Learn what Wave accounting  can do for you

Wave accounting is an award-winning financial software designed for entrepreneurs used for creating closer to a complete picture of financial success. It helps to understand and manage your income and expenses.

With streamlined Wave accounting software you can track everything that you need and offers you to connect to other Wave accounting  products such as payroll, payment, and invoicing all in one perfect package. Wave accounting  dashboards give you invoicing tools to choose customizable invoicing templates based on unique business needs that collect invoicing payments and more. 

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Wave Accounting

Supported Operating System:

Web browser (OS Independent)


Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  •      Recurring billing
  •     Mobile invoicing
  •     Invoice templates
  •     Wave accounting receipts
  •     Software for invoicing

Recurring Billing

The wave accounting app saves time with recurring payments that quickly set up credit card payments and send your customer an email receipt. Wave accounting recurring billing has the most powerful features of flexible scheduling with time zone control, automatic receipts for processes payments, choose preferred payment method, add your logo, brand color, custom messages by drag & drop editing, filter by invoice status for easier viewing, and even you can turn off recurring without deleting your invoices according to your need.

Invoice Templates

Wave accounting software offers a small size business freedom by creating an invoice, actually invoicing your clients, getting paid and other aspects of your business operations. Wave accounting invoice templates are available in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets that help the business to eliminate mountains of invoice and let you focus on business success. Wave accounting invoice improves marketing strategies with a fully customizable invoice template to capture all the information you need on your invoices and let you receive the compensation. With streamlined Wave accounting accounting, free invoice templates can be used for consulting business, professional business, legal firm, and even for the freelancer business.

Mobile Invoicing 

Moreover, Wave accounting software is available as an invoicing app on iOS and Android devices that create invoicing and billing processes on the go and allow you to run your business from anywhere at any time. With Wave accounting mobile app, get instant notification of knowing when an invoice is viewed, become due, and get paid which makes you stay on top of your cash flow better than before. This accounting software also offers an automatic payment reminder that saves time by being sent an email reminder to your clients for paying dues. 

Wave Accounting Receipts

Wave accounting receipts scan your receipts effortlessly to eliminate manual expenses tracking from anywhere and at any time. Simply you just need to snap a picture of your receipt using Wave accounting mobile receipt scanning the app, review the information before uploading it, and then sync your receipts with your Wave accounting accounts and can have an accurate picture of your business expenses. 

Software for invoicing

Wave accounting software provides quick, easily customizable, and unlimited professional invoices for small businesses to manage their accounts receivable effortlessly. It offers to access all your customer's information in one place and let you know which customer you need to communicate with. Wave accounting invoicing the software also gives advanced business features such as, set up automatic payments for recurring invoices, organize the content of your business with drag-and-drop line items, create & send an invoice in any currency, and so on.

Try Wave Accounting For Free 
With free version, you get:

  •  Unlimited income and expenses tracking
  • Track sales tax on income and expenses

  • Fully functional double entry system


Is Wave Accounting easy to use?

Wave accounting is very easy and convenient to use. If you had not used cloud-based accounting software before using Wave accounting, you can mastered it with ease. Because Wave accounting is a cloud-based accounting software, you will be able to access it anywhere from any computer. While traveling, you can still have uninterrupted access to it.

Is Wave accounting software safe?

Security. Wave accounting currently employing 256-bit data encryption as well as a read-only version of banking information to protect your privacy. Wave accounting uses Amazon Web Services to store it's data. Data is backed up on a regular interval, and servers are monitored 24/7.

Does Wave Accounting integrate payroll?

Can I pay contractors with Wave Payroll? have this query, The answer is You sure can! Wave Payroll supports paying both employees and independent contractors when you run payroll.

Is Wave accounting a cloud- based accounting software?

Wave accounting software offers 100% free trial, real double-entry accounting for small businesses. As a 

cloud-based accounting software, Wave allows you to use your data from anywhere, add unlimited collaborators and work on all of your businesses from a single login.

Is Wave accounting payment secure?
Encryption - Communication between you, Wave accounting and your bank or credit card company is shielded by up to 256-bit SSL encryption.
Read-only security - The connection Wave accounting makes with your financial institutions is read-only security. Therefore, nobody can use Wave accounting to access money into your account.

How can I get the Wave accounting software?


  • On your iPhone, navigate the the App Store 
  • Click get to download Wave accounting, then open it on your phone.
  • Log in to the Wave accounting app using your Wave accounting credentials for the business invited to Wave accounting.


  • On your Android device, navigate to the Google Play Store and search for Wave accounting.
  • Select Install button on the Wave accounting to begin the install.
  • After your download has finished, you will then be able to open the app on the Wave accounting page using the Open option.
  • Log in to the Wave using your Wave accounting credentials for the business invited to Wave accounting.
What is Wave accounting balance?

In Wave accounting software starting balance transaction when you connect your bank or credit card to Wave accounting. When you connect your bank or credit card, Wave accounting enters the starting balance for you so you do not have to. These starting balance transactions have the description of "Starting balance for Account".
Is Wave a good accounting software?

Wave accounting can delivers an excellent, free accounting service for freelancers. Wave accounting invoice creation and management tools are good, too, though the invoices could stand to be more flexible in itself.
Is Wave Accounting free for all user?

Wave accounting software is free, but works especially well with their paid feature—Payments by Wave accounting (customers click “pay now” on your invoice and you can accept faster online payments). Wave accounting software also syncs automatically with Wave accounting once you have downloaded the app and linked accounts.

Who all can use Wave accounting software?

The most usual users of Wave cloud based accounting software are from Small Businesses and the Accounting industry.

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