Why Should You Acquire Digital Marketing Skills?

27.05.21 11:10 AM By Aishwarya

Important Digital Marketing Skills That Employers Value

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Digital Marketing

The digital world is evolving and digital marketing professionals need to be at the cutting edge of the digital landscape and trends, otherwise, they will be left behind in the new digital race. The new prospect of "digital marketing trends" is now the mantra for surviving in this market. Every department of the company is playing a role in this pandemic, and we can say that digital marketing is more important than ever. Businesses should endeavor to work with a reputable and innovative digital marketing company that can develop an appropriate digital marketing strategy tailored to their objectives. 

Digital marketing skills that are quite useful, with you may use to reach your target audience with information about the brand, product, service. It allows you to help our customers with any questions or challenges they can have while they are positioning your businesses well so that you may be a step closest to the marketing goals. During your market research in digital marketing you may further want to know about What Are The Important Channels of Digital Marketing and How Has Digital Marketing Become So Relevant In Post Covid Scenario which can be a major part of your market research and that will decide the strategies that you will be opting while doing your business.

There are some of few essential characteristics that you should incorporate while learning new skills in digital marketing domain 

5 essential Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is communicating with individuals, understanding what resonates with them, and delivering this content to them in the simplest way. quite asking our audience to buy for a product or service, digital marketers work towards building a relationship during which the audience willingly chooses us. Learning the very best digital marketing skills will assist us to become a much better digital marketer and prepare us for the work market.


Soft Skills like good communication and empathy, are essential to become a successful digital marketer. However, digital marketing skills are necessary for analyzing, creating, and implementing various digital marketing campaigns and methods. consistent with a report published by The Economist Group and DMI, 74% of selling executives recognize that marketing organizations face a talent shortage because of a scarcity of digital marketing skills. Upskilling within the sector of digital marketing can assist you to acquire these digital marketing skills.


Top Digital Marketing Skills

1. Program Optimisation

2. Video Marketing

3. Data Analytics

4. Product/ UX Design

5. Social Media Marketing



1. SEO or program Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is in no way a replacement digital marketing skill. However, a digital marketing professional must know SEO. it's robust because of help within the organic growth of your organization. once you consistently publish valuable content, search engines like Google can interpret if your website is vital, and it can prioritize the program results page or SERP.

Building effective digital marketing strategies, keyword research, valuable content, and accurate structure, backlinking, and fixing site errors are all an area of the SEO process. In 2021, SEO drives a mean conversion rate of 14% from organic search. SEO could also be an excellent spot to start if you are looking to reinforce your digital marketing skills or are beginning your career in this area.


Some of the skills you will acquire under SEO are as follows:

* Proficiency in local SEO

* Ability to enhance the on-page ranking

* Knowledge about on-page and off-page SEO

* Link building skills

* Staying up-to-date with the newest SEO updates


Few SEO tools that are useful for you:

* Google Search Console

* SEMrush

* Ahrefs

* Moz

* Google Trends

* Yoast

* Google Analytics


2. Video Marketing

Video Marketing has taken the digital world by storm. Videos are becoming extremely popular, leveraging this to reinforce your digital marketing strategy is often highly beneficial at the top of the day. As more brands incorporate video content into their strategy, it's a clever and visual method of selling your products and services. As Instagram launched its newest feature mentioned as “reels”, several brands have incorporated posting these short 30-second videos to know the attention of a wider set of audience.


Videos are an excellent thanks to grabbing attention. they're more engaging and personal, which can help improve the customer experience and relationship. Video skills will be in demand, as we have seen the trending on social media platforms, like Instagram’s shift from an extended IGTV format to shorter videos on the reels section. Brands are also watching repurposing their content and publishing it on YouTube to achieve the set of people preferring video content compared to reading a lengthy blog post.

3. Data Analytics

As the amount of content being generated daily increases, the need for creating data-driven decisions also increases. Brands have greater access to tools that can help them track various metrics like engagement, likes, comments, etc., which can help them make effective decisions. With the arrival of this data-driven mentality, we'd wish to upgrade our digital marketing skills also.


As data science and analytics roles are being recognized because the foremost in-demand roles, digital marketers need to understand its influence on their jobs and leverage the benefits of data analytics. taking over a knowledge Science and Business Analytics Course can assist you to upgrade your skills and stay on top of the changing digital landscape.

Understanding the thanks to study the insights on various digital platforms is vital, and thus, knowing basic query languages like SQL also will go an extended way.


Some of the essential Data Analytics tools are as follows:

* Google Analytics

* Tableau (For Data Visualization)

* Shogun

* Data Melt




4. Product/ UX Design

As we see the prices of paid acquisition channels growing, brands got to move towards alternative growth channels. one among the upcoming digital marketing skills is the product. A business methodology that's product-led sees user acquisition, conversion, expansion, and retention that's driven through the merchandise design. From the engineering team to the sales and marketing teams, everyone must be aligned towards building a more significant user experience and sustainable growth.

Strava is one such brand that has followed this process of implementing product and UX design to its marketing strategy. The fitness tracking done on the Strava app automatically provides insights regarding users' in-app activities and creates a social asset that may be shared on social media. While the features were built by the engineering team, the marketing and merchandise team implemented the technique to reduce their costs-per-acquisition. By harnessing the facility of knowledge and insights, brands can make well-informed decisions.


5. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are used now, quite ever before. When COVID-19 hit the earth, we were forced to switch to digital media, digital marketers saw an increase within the utilization of social media platforms also. Brands have to upgrade their social media strategies.

When we mention digital marketing skills, having comprehensive knowledge about social media platforms and therefore the thanks to using them to your advantage is crucial. The social media landscape is consistently changing. New features and tools are being added each day, and thus, it's essential to upgrade your digital marketing skills with time.


Tools for social media marketing:

* Facebook Business Manager

* Buzzsumo

* Hootsuite

* Buffer

* Mention

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