What To Do If You Are Phished

18.05.21 08:20 PM By Aishwarya

What To Do If You Click on A Phishing Link In An Email

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Getting phished can happen to anyone around the world. In this modern technology age, Emails are, after all, part of our daily routines weather you are working or not. If you receive a large volume of emails, then it is even easier for a phishing email to slip through the net causing a cyber attack. What is more a phishers can know that an eye catching subject title on an email can reel a reader into the trap of cyber crime. Before you know it they have opened the email, clicked on the link and fallen prey to the phish . Sound familiar?

Did you felt fall hook, line and sinker?

If think you have fallen for a phishing scam in a spear phishing attack, before you go into full panic mode check that you have definitely been phished by the cyber attacker. Just because you opened a suspicious email, or have downloaded a PDF or zip file, does not mean you have phishing email. For you to be phished you need to unzip the file or click on the link in the email or PDF you opened in your windows. 

Steps to Take Now if you have become victim of a Phishing Scam
Phishing scams are a type of scam in which cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your sensitive data, which is a huge disadvantage of social engineering. Modern age of cyber criminal try to steal your information sending emails that appear to come from a legitimate source, phishers try to trick you into clicking a link or downloading an attachment. You can take help artificial intelligence in this matter for your business in the situations when you do not realize the email is fraudulent, you may end up following the instructions in the email and reveal your passwords, credit card information, or Social Security number. If you are a victim of a phishing attack, here are some steps to take now to protect yourself and safeguard your compromised data in this future age to ensure cyber security.

Once you have established you are the victim of a phishing attack. You will need to minimise the potential threat, to do this follow this few step guide

Relax and take a deep breath

Most sophisticated phishing attacks happen each and every day across the globe and is increasing at very fast rate, so do not get mad on yourself up if you fall for one. Take a few deep breaths to calm down your self, clean your mind, and think of  your further steps. Remember that falling for a phishing scam pop-up does not necessarily mean that your identity will be stolen. Phishing scams vary, so what you will do next depends on what kind of phisher are targeting you.

If you downloaded a fraudulent attachment, turn off Wi-Fi and disconnect from the internet, straight. If you remove the phisher’s rootkit access which is specifically design for your computer's quickly enough, you might be able to stop the phisher from installing malware or gaining remote access to your computer. And if you clicked on a link to a fraudulent website, try to remember exactly what information (username, password, address) you entered. Take screenshots of the phishing email or jot down details such as the sender’s email address, the content of the email, and the URL that you clicked which make even easier for the cyber department to assess the extent of crime executed and finalize the punishment for the same.

Change the password and other credentials right away

If you clicked a link of any spyware, adware, ransomware that directed you to a site that appeared to be your bank, email service, or social media account, for example, log in to the original site and change your password. If you use the same password for multiple accounts—which you should not do—change the passwords for the other accounts as well right away. Take the extra time to change any password hints or security questions, and take a look at your profile or recent activity to see if the phisher did any damage or made any purchases using your account for that you can find any mail for invoice or any kind of money related transaction happened from your account.

Disconnect your device

This is one of the most crucial steps if you have been phished. You need to disconnect the infected device from the internet or network that can decrease the quality of malware. If you have a Wi-Fi connection then go to your menu to turn it off or forget the network to increase protection. If, on the other hand, it is an ethernet cable connection you will need to pull it out to stop your anti-malware element entering into your computer. It is important you do this to reduce the risk of malware spreading to other devices on your network and to avoid risk of getting big data affected by it.

Notify someone in authority management

Getting phished becomes embarrassing sometime, but you need to act fast to reduce the spread of infection into the entire system. If you do not, you could put your email contacts, or company data at a greater risk. Put in knowledge of either your manager, or IT support immediately.

Use Anti-Virus Software 

To protect and scan you system you should employ such Anti-Virus software which can provide you complete solution like Email security and End-Point Security software so that your system are protected and secure. Trend Micro can be one such solution for all your security needs to be fulfilled, Trend Micro’s cloud protection technology is very advanced. Their cloud security tools use AI to constantly analyze a cloud's behavior. Then, supported by that knowledge, the program can cleverly detect and block anything that appears suspicious also it can cease any unauthorized activity with an alert. Trend Micro also includes some cool privacy protection features that not many other anti-viruses have. A secure cloud system and its dedicated servers must use the right security tools and must function according to privilege controls to move data. But your search cannot limited here you can explore and try for free 100+ software Email Security Software such as Proof Point, Microsoft Defender, Cisco Secure Email, Sonic Wall and a lot more at AnyTechTrial.com 

Deal with the phishing email

Primarily, flag the offending email, most email programs provide instructions on how to do this. This means that any further emails from the sender will go into your spam/ junk folder but the spam should also be cleaned timely. Further, forward the email to your IT department or IT support and let them know. Be sure to include the header information, as this shows where the email came from you can share snaps regarding that.

Back up big data

We advocate that you do a full back up after you have disconnected from the internet. A phishing attack could easily destroy or delete data and ruin your efforts. Whether you back up to a hard drive, USB or cloud storage you need to make sure that your data is safe and secure and most important backed up.

Scan your system timely for any kind of Malware

If you have mistakenly opened an attachment or clicked on a link then you need to check for an infection. It is general amongst phishers to imbed malicious coding that can capture keystrokes, take over computers or networks. To find out if your device has any malicious coding you need to run a scan timely with an Anti-Virus software. Once the scan starts we advise that you do not touch your device until that completed. You will receive notification of any suspicious files found and whether you need to delete or quarantine them which depend on the type virus. If you feel that this beyond the level of your expertise then we recommend you to contact with your IT department or IT Support team.

Get the word out

Send out a company-wide communication to make everyone aware of the phishing scam that you have experienced. Use all forms of communication such as email, instant messaging or SMS to alert everyone. Consider all the different roles of your staff and what form of communication they will respond to swiftly to ensure that no one else falls foul to the scam.

Report it ASAP

Report the scam to the authorities concern or use their online reporting tool. You may also need to inform the ICO if there has been a data breach you have noticed.

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