Ways To How You Can Improve Customer Satisfaction ?

27.05.21 11:25 AM By Aishwarya

5 Simple Ways You Can Inculcate To Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Did You Know 

"32% of consumers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience."

Customer Satisfaction ladder to success in long term

It is a universal truth that one bad customer experience can spoil a brand’s image where customer loyalty play a important role. Once a brand’s image is spoiled, then it is very difficult to regain a good position but customer retention can be your which we will be discussing further. Gone are the days when customers used to feel happy just receiving a “thank you” email instead customer engagement has become a one of the biggest domain in itself in today's digital world. Satisfied customers are always happy customers as companies are focusing more in the customer loyalty programs.

Majorly, satisfied customers can be easily turned into long-term customers if the customer will get good customer experience with the company and the brand. Therefore, it is essential to improve the overall customer experience to keep the customers satisfied, which will ensure a brand’s success for a long time to come and will create trust of the customer which will further increase more new customer ratio.

Let us have a glance at some of the ways on how you can improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention along the way you do your business:-

1. Make Your Customers a Priority Throughout the Cycle

No matter how the business is big or small, Customer Loyalty is of utmost priority. The major focus needs to be creating loyal consumers that don’t come under the influence of your competitors during their customer journey.

Key Takeaways: Few simple things which can be inculcate to build customer loyalty would be remembering consumer’s special occasions such as birthdays or sending them personalized promotions, monthly newsletters, and discounts or free gifts these are few crucial touchpoints that you can make benefit of.

2. Reward And Surprising Your Customers

Who does not like added benefits or special offers once in a while? mapping is the key you can use in this mapping their need and wants and surprising them in some way or the other. Surprising your customers with free gifts or rewards can help brands in building long-term and concrete relationships in this way technology and strategy play a great role because of that you can pay attention to every customer experience with your brand. Try giving them realistic offers to show your appreciation that can be a good marketing tactic.

Vital Fact

"42% of consumers said incentives sometimes sway consumers to choose one brand over another, even if they are loyal to the brand without rewards."

Key Takeaways: Offer cumulative discounts or coupons when consumers reach specified targets, give away free e-gift vouchers with multiple purchases, invite consumers to try new products and services for free, offer reward points for recommending to your friends that is how you can design a good framework on that you will work to the of customer satisfaction.

3. Hear and Acknowledge on Social Media Platforms 

Social media networking sites can offer deep insights into ways that can help you improve Customer Satisfaction which you can execute through a strong social media team who can build brand reputation as well can take care about the queries and hurdles of your customer. They are the best platforms to keep you updated about both positive and negative consumer feedback, which will further help you take appropriate measures to resolve them and show that empathy side of your business towards customer. Good training to your employees is also an another way to handle all the operations related customer satisfaction. You can also perform survey through preparing questionnaire to know more about your customer need and fulfill them. There is no pre conceived notion about customer experience all you can do is you can learn about the perceived thought of the customers. You can employ CRM software which will increase your contact with customer Customer Relationship Management department should always be active and can use software like Hubspot, Freshwork, Less Annoying CRM, THRYV, Keap and lot more.

Key Takeaways: Do Make sure you are active and respond to your customers within 24 hours whenever they put up any query. Hold frequent Q & A sessions and live chats with your customer and know about their good bad experience about the quality of your product and service. Also, try to know a way to neutralize a customer’s bad review. Make sure to respond the negative feedback promptly and try to offer a solution with quality assurance to fix the customer’s problem. Also, do not forget to apologize whenever they are not happy with your response by taking the conversation to a more private place and assuring them with further improves assurance.

4. Keep A Track On Industry Relevant Customer Satisfaction Metrics

One way to further enhance Customer Satisfaction is by monitoring Customer Satisfaction Metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES. NPS is used to measure customer loyalty, CSAT is used to measure how happy customers are, and CES will help you comprehend where grievances lie these assessment are a great help in the way to improve your service . To get the accurate understanding of your consumers and predict long-term business needs, CSAT, NPS, and CES should be used together which is a testing tool which you can use.

Key Takeaways: There are various ways to measure Customer Satisfaction. Measuring it with consumer satisfaction metrics will aid any business understand whether they are meeting customer expectations or not. The best way among others to do it is by creating a customer satisfaction metrics-driven survey process. Make sure to create short customer feedback surveys as they will have a higher survey response rate and a really importance in customer satisfaction. Focus on what you want to know regarding your products or services and offer an incentive for it you can make a blueprint of it as well.

5. Collect Your Customer Feedback

The trouble free and straight forward way to seek customer feedback is to ask the consumers right away. If you wo not make an effort to know what your consumers think about your products or services, you will never be able to give them the incredible customer experience irrespective of the nature of your business also is your company is a boot strap small company or a well known established one. Their opinion about the experience they have with your brand plays an vital role that can be used to alter your business to fit their needs more precisely and that would be very important for your company.

Key Takeaways: Customer Feedback is important for any business can be gathered in various ways, and, when used correctly used, these tools can be a great advantage in gaining new costumers and retaining the old ones with the company. Feedback can be captured by using on-premises and web feedback software you can create a dashboard as well for that purpose.

Final Thoughts:

No one can deny this fact the importance of Customer Satisfaction. Consistent improvement in customer satisfaction should be the objective of each and every business. There are immense advantages to it. There will be a cutback in customer churn and increased customer loyalty, which will ultimately result in increased profitability.

Try to understand and grasp your customer’s perspective and implement strategies based on what works for them. Improving Customer Satisfaction is not a difficult procedure yet this can entails a great deal of effort, which is worth doing for your business.

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