NotableTalks with Mr Vemun Waksvik, Senior VP of Marketing at Synergy Sky

11.02.22 10:52 PM By Aishwarya

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Mr. Vemun Waksvik, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Synergy Sky

NotableTalks By AnyTechTrial

In this NotableTalks episode, we got a chance to have an interaction with a very talented marketer and thought leader Mr. Vemun Waksvik, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Synergy Sky. Here is his interesting conversation with us on Video Conferencing, Video Collaboration, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Channels and a variety of more hot topics. Stay tuned for more episodes of NotableTalks Series with cross function thought leaders from across the globe.

Rapid Fire Round with Mr. Vemun Waksvik

Why do companies need Unified Collaborations, and what are its key elements to focus on?

Unified Communications

During your almost 4 decades of journey you have been at heart of fast paces tech world while curating and leading strategies across multiple market segments for global brands like Synergy SKY, Cisco and more, Today we hear a lot about Digital Communications & Unified Collaboration, we would appreciate if you can brief our audience about, Why do companies need them, and what are their key elements one should focus on?

Let me start this question from the last two years which has proven that collaboration is crucial for any company. Collaboration used to be something that was internal involves in conversational and external communication most happened by phone or email. But when we talk about the last two years video communication and collaboration across the business to business, and business to consumers become critical it is not a question about nice to have the same,

it has become need to have one to stay protected with people working from home and with travel bans but we can see the business is growing across the globe people have adopted the collaboration technology. With my experience for last 20 years working in the video collaboration space, we have been trying to push these types of technologies. It starts with productivity then it went to as a green alternative and then it is about collaboration and then pandemic came made my job much easier unfortunately for the pandemic but good for the business to stay connected you need to have collaboration today.

Leveraging Tech for optimised brand awareness and user engagement

Tech For Marketing

What are the most promising marketing trends one should focus to increase brand awareness and customer engagement?

The megatrends are usually starting with adolescents, things like TikTok and social media and on different channels around the globe. TikTok is probably being known channel that is setting the stage. Yesterday I was in a traditional book store to buy a book for reading and that store used to be listing books based on sales number etc. Now, in the book store, they are rated on TikTok, so they are based on TikTok ratings. Even in the traditional industry like books, TikTok has become the channel for driving marketing which book to buy. If you can communicate directly, and if you are honest with your content creation I think that is the way going. You should always open the door for your teenagers and then you can set the stage on how you will take the strategies of marketing. Of course, this complies with all the types of branches if you go from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to different kinds of business.

I would say do listen to the teenagers not completely but try to stay relevant. In my personal opinion chatbots, I see that as a megatrend a few years back and today they have become much more intelligent. When we see 5-6 years back IKEA was one of the first to use Chatbots didn’t give much help. Today they are a little bit better but still, I feel that chatbots do not serve the purpose in B2B marketing in B2C it might help. I would say in B2B, intelligence does not apply to our industry. 

Tips for growth phase startup on programmatic & performance marketing in B2B ecosystem?

Programmatic & Performance Marketing

What started as a revolution with automating an email response has spread to nearly every marketing channel today. Be it WhatsApp message, email, messenger or any other form of communication, brands are automating their responses on every channel to ensure a uniform brand experience. As a seasoned marketeer what suggestions would you like to give to a growth phase startup for laying down its strong foundations at programmatic & performance marketing front?

To answer this question I think we should go back to the basics of marketing. You need to understand what you are selling and who your customers are. By understanding your persona you can then choose the channel you want to prefer to communicate with your persona. That is my best advice. Persona does not have on all channels you will find them either on Whatsapp or on video channels. So, depending on your business nature rather than trying to connect on all the platforms find the platform that suits your business and be good at one channel at a time.

What strategies to be followed for hybrid working by tech leaders in 2022?

Hybrid Working Model

2020 and 2021 has been a huge experiment in virtual working. Organizations are now in a better position to understand the impact of large-scale virtual working on productivity, engagement and well-being. What lessons in hybrid working should technology leaders take into account when designing their strategies for teams in 2022?

 The last two years have taught all of us that we do not know what tomorrow brings. That means that if you are going to stay connected in the world that is changing so fast which we have seen now, you do not want to lock yourself on an Island or technology. Any technology you’re choosing should be possible to adapt to other technologies. I can mention the platform you are on today is Zoom which is not interoperable with Microsoft teams and other platforms. You should try to strive for having a vendor-agnostic approach for the other you get an open platform so that you can stay connected when the next shift is coming because that is coming for sure.

If we look back to the years no one knew what Zoom was 2 years ago, Microsoft Teams was a small player, 4 years ago there were noMicrosoft teams there was Skype Business, 6 years ago it was just a live communication server, 8 years ago it was only office communication server and so on. Look at the history before you are deciding on which technology you want to go for tomorrow.

How is Synergy Sky enabling streamlined experience and administration for video conferencing?

Optimised Video Collaboration

Today all most all internet users are using video conferencing systems, they use meeting rooms, and can’t live without Outlook or Google calendar? How is Synergy SKY enabling them to efficiently improve and streamline their experience and administration?

This has been my business for the last 20 years as I mentioned earlier to think for the technology at first. Video conferencing was introduced in 2007 that if you have a video conferencing device from 2007 is still relevant because it produces high-quality audio and video. Over the years we have seen different attempts for personalizing it with having desktop units on your desk that are dedicated to video conferencing which is my favourite by the way rather than using my PC.Then it has been attempted at two screens systems then it has been attempted at holograms and then for having the technology to blur your background and to send emoticons over a live video. I think that these recent innovations are less important and what more important is to have high audio and video quality and the ability to connect.You should not feel the need to talk to your IT to connect to a meeting it should be by a button or accepting the meeting invite that is what the user should be doing. We are the service provider and vendor agnostic.

We have partnered with both Cisco, Cisco Webex and Microsoft. We are trying to bring communication together with a server integration to the calendar so if you book a meeting on Outlook or google we will be able to take care of the rest and make sure that it is easy for you to connect no matter what equipment you are using to connecting from.Well, I think that you need dedicated hardware for having good meetings so you can have your computers for your work and dedicated hardware for your video conferencing and the equipment should represent the other side natural size so that I see you in the original size as I have been in the room. So keeping eye contact and high-quality audio-video boring answer but if we get that all offices will be happy.

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