Smart Ways to Use & Manage your inbox

18.05.21 08:41 PM By Shraddha

What You Should Do To Keep Your Inbox Clean?

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Smart ways to use and manage your inbox in 2021:

An open email to which you don't have time to reply or edit is much better than leaving it open in your inbox. What happens when people do not use the snooze function is that they lose track of which emails they should respond to, which require their attention, and which waste time tracking back. Make sure you don't accidentally "snooze" an email, otherwise you miss an important deadline that will make everyone angry with you. You can snooze emails in Gmail by visiting your Gmail account. Just hover your mouse over the email in Gmail.


Solutions provided by Gmail:

This is a Gmail tip I can vouch for. Priority Inbox: Gmail learns what types of emails you're most interacting with and puts them at the top of your inbox. This is great for people who deal with a lot of emails every day. It works wonders to keep out emails I don't want anything to do with.

Gmail offers five options for organizing your inbox. By default, it displays emails in the order in which they arrive, which is the layout we see every day. Unread emails and current emails will be displayed. Another good way to keep your inbox organized is to put relevant emails at the top, such as those marked "important" or "asterisk." Important: Gmail uses its own predictions to determine which emails matter, and places them with yellow markers at the top of your inbox.


Group and sort files and messages to keep your inbox organized. The better your filing system, the easier it will be to find certain emails when you need them. Use subcategories to submit e-mails related to specific customers or projects. Create parent categories for broader subjects, such as the following: Clients, Projects, Finance, etc. 

Most emails are deleted, but you want to keep messages about important aspects of your business. Organize your inbox with labels, folders and categories. In most email programs, users can mark messages with specific names or categories. Correspondence from customers, colleagues and employees can help clarify misunderstandings.


What you should do to keep your inbox clean?

The first thing you should do when you open your inbox is scan to see what you have already deleted. Look at the subject line and the sender. All messages that you consider unimportant should be selected and moved to the Recycle Bin.

Holidays are great, but returning home to receive an alarming number of new emails can be depressing. Filter all incoming messages to the Recycle Bin as you go. Replace the "Out-of-Office" messages with "Office 11 / 10 / 11 / 18" and stop seeing your messages. It is important to have deadlines that have not yet expired so that they are still available to you when you return to a clean inbox.


Some tricks for easy inbox handling:


Move conversations out of your inbox. To prevent chain reactions via email, you should move away from your laptop and have face-to-face conversations instead of picking up the phone or sending instant messages. Keep your inbox clear by limiting the number of emails you generate. You benefit from better organization and more manageable e-mails.


It helps you organize and manage your to-dos and reminders. Having zero emails in your inbox is one way to do this, but it's not the only way. The real achievement is to find a system that works for you so that email doesn't define your life. If you don't reach productivity standards every day, you won't get over yourself. 

Cleaning your mailbox from time to time is one of the most important email management tips in the world, and to do so, clean emails with a sophisticated and easy-to-use Inbox Cleaner that organizes your emails so you can group them into easy-to-check packages. Cleaning emails with an inbox cleaner offers you a number of options when cleaning them. For example, you can remove the bundle, archive, label, mark as read/unread, and much more.


Advantages of keeping your inbox sorted:

One of the advantages of using a separate email address for this purpose is that you can not only disconnect junk mail (also known as gray mail) from your important email. Call it "Inbox 2" for those of lesser importance, if you like. A third advantage is that you are not distracted by messages, as you can log into any email program and navigate to a different inbox to access it. Companies that sell your email address to mailing lists and new and unwanted marketing messages do not end up in your primary inbox.

For example, there are certain types of messages that have high priority and are important enough to be dealt with promptly. For example, I have a way to handle replies to welcome messages sent to new subscribers to my newsletter. I read and respond to these messages and try to process them at certain times of the day in order to be efficient. I use a Gmail filter to tag such messages with a special VIP label or star when they arrive. This makes them stand out in my inbox because they attract my attention, and it also causes these messages to notify my phone or computer in a way that normal emails would not, thanks to my ingenious configuration.

You can also use and go through some Email Security Software like- TrendMicro, SpamTitan, Proofpoint, Cisco, Mailguard, and many more. 



The whole point of Gmail, and the reason it was created in the first place, is to serve as a Google-like search engine for your email. You do not have to rummage through folders and labels and scan page after page of messages to find the information you need. If you do, you're wasting your time, because the easiest and most effective way to find messages in your inbox is to search.

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