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NotableTalks By AnyTechTrial

In this NotableTalks episode, we got a chance to have an amazing interaction with an award winning & very talented marketer Mr. Dan Roche, Vice President of Marketing at Scoro. Here is his wonderful and interesting conversation with us on the Hybrid Work Model, Companies Culture, Workflow Management and a variety of other hot topics. Stay tuned for more of such interesting NotableTalks Series episodes with cross function thought leaders from across the globe.

Rapid Fire Round with Dan Roche

How does company culture impact its marketing initiatives?

Company's Culture on Marketing Initiatives

While leading and developing high performing teams at a wide variety of technology firms. What were your notable experiences about company’s culture impacting the marketing initiatives?

Thank you for this great question. I would choose to use three examples from the recent companies that I have worked, of cource culture is super important obviously across all business, and different business has different cultures. My recent employer where I am working company called Scoro which is a work management software, they are in scale up mode. So, the intention behind the business to grow as fast as possible we can within the resources that we have so, this makes the culture very open, very expensive and flexible. So, the ramification on the marketing initiative means that there is nothing off the table. Everything is not necessarily new. But definitely there is an opportunity to innovate new things. Yes, that is very exciting as a marketers and is very exciting for my team and exciting for the whole business, there is nothing that already kind of like this is the best marketing practice let’s do it this way and we cannot try new a little bit. So, the opportunity is significant and I think as marketer makes it really exciting.

Another organization that I worked at is much more established organization called KPMG and it is a global accountancy and consulting firm. Much different position from Scoro because obviously it was a well-established organization. 

The passage of business that I have worked for is a SaaS startup within KPMG so, there the culture of KPMG somewhat of risk givers as the forms of accountants and obviously marketing was important but not quiet in the same way as startup needed them to be. So, at KPMG the culture was always for me somewhat constraining we were trying to launch a startup business within a large organization. So, that we have to do things differently but then we were slightly more constrained organizational culture then the market. So that was a big contrast to Scoro.

And I think perhaps in a middle was a company I recently worked for called Automation anywhere who based in Silicon valley which means that there culture is very expensive in that region looking for superfast growth. By the time I joined they have already seen a certain amount of scale. There is definitely a desire to drive the business forward and to do new things with marketing but there already was some structures. I guess to me it feels like goldilocks situation Scoro is like the baby business and is looking to some new things an Automation is like the mid-size sister old brother and the KPMG was the big daddy and yes the marketing for all those organizations needs to be different. Yes all of this type of scenarios but yes that is my phrenology.

How is the Growth Across Non-Tech Verticals During Pandemic?

Growth of Non-Technology Vertical

What kind of growth have you observed from non-technology verticals during the pandemic?

Yes, In Scoro we have seen a lot of growth from businesses in the marketing and advertising sectors. So, these are a significant portion of our client base and when the pandemic hit, we were very concerned as a business that we can also be impacted because those types of firms can also be impacted but after a short matter of time we could see that actually the organization were very resilient. 

Because there client were leading to continue to drive growth, they wanted to continue to advertise and continue to market so, our agency clients were very robust and at the end of the day they needed to continue to work with Scoro to keep their business on an even scale to run their agency management and operations on. So, I guess these types of sectors sometimes mercurial in recessions and unforeseen challenges like the pandemic. We have seen them very robust, that’s helps us to scale as well so yes that would be key here for growth.

How does Zero Trust Policy impact brand communications?

Zero-Trust Policy in  Cyber Security

Their’s a lot of buzz about Zero Trust Policy in context to cybersecurity and data protection, as a marketer how do you see it impacting your brand communications? 

Yes, I have to say on that one that’s not one thing that I have come across previously. I practice that I should investigate about things like this a little bit in more detail. But, in terms of zero trust policy and that kind of things yes that has not impacted at all on what we are doing. 

Are Hybrid Work Models Here To Stay?

Hybrid Work Models

With more focus on hybrid work models, future of work seems dependent on SaaS products like Scoro, how do you look at this market shift?

Yes, I think it is a good thing people swapping more broadly there is no need to commute to the office and I see them on desk where they have to which helps with work life balance and to fulfill different requirement in their lives to still be productive and effective. I have recently studying about productivity in UK on 2000 workers about what they wanted to do and what their preferences in what they move in forward and 44% said that they preferred to remain in this hybrid work model working model and only 17% said that they wanted to return to the office full time. So yes it is an affirmative shift which is here to stay I think there was some unsurely because perhaps we had come out from the recession. 

Employers having to deal with this reality and therefore in managing remote workers keeping people on the same track and projects tracking the people from productivity perspective as much as how they are adding value to the business and to their clients is really important. So, yes that what Socro does. We are delighted firstly have the flexibility in their roles to do to work how they wanted and enjoy their social life. But can also they can also proof that they are into the business and growth not just for the business but for the market as well so yes it is very positive.

His thoughts about "AnyTechTrial.Com"

His Thoughts about "AnyTechTrial.Com"

We would love to hear your views about us. “AnyTechTrial.Com”

Yes, I think AnyTechTrial has come up with a very interesting model and is potentially one that’s I think many marketers will have a great use of. Especially like Scoro is product led growth business. We want people to try software before they buy if you like that’s the best way to convince them. Having an opportunity to find more people to try our software is a great thing. I can see AnyTechTrial could help us to do that.

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