No Ad Budget : Here Are 10 Way To Grow Your You tube Channel

27.05.21 11:31 AM By Aishwarya

A Beginner's Guide To You Tube Marketing

New Delhi, India 

Did You Know

"YouTube is the second most visited site on the web with more than 1.9 billion active users.

10 free ways to promote your YouTube channel and make your business"

In a world that is increasingly dominated by video content played in your smartphone majorly, getting more views on YouTube should be near (if not at) the top of every content maker to-do list.

10 tips to try today

1. Invest Time on YouTube SEO

YouTube is the world’s third-largest search engine. If you'll get your video at the highest positions within the YouTube SERP, then you'll get views for free.

How can you rank higher?

Well, YouTube doesn't serve an inventory of most-viewed videos for a question. It delivers the foremost relevant videos and channels to the user. A few aspects you would like to require care of include:

How we will determine a relevant phrase that describes the content in your video?

Well, it’s good old keyword research and that i recommend employing a tool like Tube buddy.


Include closed captions:

·   Design Custom Thumbnails

·   Engagement.

·   Pro Tip

2. Collaborate With Other Channels

Want to urge exposure from an audience that has not heard of you?

Then, collaborate with other creators. Cross-promotion is a good way to expand your audience quickly. The mechanics are simple. When a creator with a similar audience vouches for your content, then it creates instant social proof.

If you want to collaborate you need to find channel which are similar:

• Level of influence

• Audience Type

The Social Blade may be a very useful gizmo to get channels with an identical size and demographics.

3. Promote to Other Social Media

Even if you have a few of hundred followers and friends, you will generate some

good mileage for your new videos. I coordinated the updates with my friends and family to require place within the primary 24 hours of releasing a video. You can also try Social Media Marketing tools to increase your reacgh to your audience these software can help you grow further such as Mention, Buffer, Zoho Social, Sprout Social and lot more as much as 100+ Social Media Marketing software all at

We can promote our YouTube channel on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

4. Ask for Help from Your Viewers

You can request for help from your viewers directly by these key moments:

1. Beginning of the video

2.End screens

3.Video Description

5. Leverage The Community Tab And YouTube Stories

These two tools are relatively new and aren't available to all creators. They are YouTube’s plan to create a full-fledged social media experience for its user

You can also use the tab to market your upcoming videos.

YouTube has launched stories that follow an identical format to other social media platforms like Instagram. The difference is that these short video posts are also temporary, right now, the stories are only available to channels with more than 10,000 subscribers.

6. Follow the Netflix Suite

Producing one excellent standalone video might fetch you a couple of hours of watch time. A better way is to enforce binge-watching by creating a series.

The first step is picking a topic which will resonate together with your audience. You can determine an equivalent either by watching your YouTube Analytics (if you’ve been a creator for a short time and gathered sufficient data).

Once you finalize the topic , you'll create a compelling script for a series. After you have learned and perfected it, produce the series. Before releasing, we will create a buzz for it by releasing a few trailers.

Finally, you'll release the series in either of the subsequent ways:

• All at once

• At regular intervals

Pro Tip: you'll add all of your above videos during a series playlist. While a video can exist in unlimited playlists, it can only appear in one series playlist. So such playlists also are useful for high-level classification of your channel.

7. Collate Your Videos into Playlists

Even if you’re not creating a series, all of your videos should exist in a minimum of three playlists. When executed tastefully (keeping the audience experience in mind), a playlist may be a useful gizmo to extend the session time of your users.

8. Go live

YouTube is that the hottest of all live stream platforms. Take advantage of this by creating content that basically engages viewers.

Webinars, Q&As, and events all work well live. Browsing YouTube Live is another good way to urge inspired.

9. Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails matter, maybe even more than titles. That’s because our brains are hardwired to note visuals first. We process them in but 13 milliseconds, according to one MIT study.

YouTube produces automatic thumbnails for all videos, but they're going to be blurry or out of focus. To boost views, create an attention-grabbing custom thumbnail for each video you

Simple “rules of thumb”

• Resolution: 1280 x 720 px

• Format: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG

• Size: respect the 2MB limit

• Use high contrast images

• Add text and colours to encourage clicks

• Choose a close-up image, if you can

• Use a stock photo when in doubt

• Be consistent with other branding

Two thumbnails are you more likely to choose? The blue graphic below is brighter, more catching and far more clickable!


10. Run contests

Contests are another good way to urge your audience involved. With one video, you'll collect viewer data, encourage likes or comments, and gain subscribers.

We have an entire blog post about making the foremost of YouTube contests. But some quick takeaways include:

• Start with a clear goal in mind

• Respect YouTube’s contest rules and restrictions

• Choose a prize your viewers will actually enjoy

• Maximize your reach with other social channels

• Use a tool, like Hootsuite for YouTube

Now you get a idea on how to get more views on YouTube Platform

I do not expect anyone to implement each and every tip we have discussed above here today. What works for one YouTube creator will not necessarily work for another one. Whereas influencer marketing may do wonders for my YouTube channel views, you might find it best to just focus on optimizing your thumbnails and make it attractive or partnering with other channels member. It depends entirely on your unique circumstances which differ person to person.

The one insight I hope everyone takes to heart is that creating value for viewers always takes precedence attention over everything other matter. Does producing unique content, high-quality content can guarantee thousands of views every month? No, it does not—there are further more steps you need to take in order to succeed on You Tube where every day there are a lot of new budding you fresher coming along your way. But without that right foundation of truly valuable content, nothing else we have talked about today will matter you in the future as well.

By all these ways you can promote YouTube channel and make your YouTube businesses famous they are many more ways to promote but these all the best way simple effective and free.

On that note, go make a video!

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