NotableTalks with Mr. Mark Opao, Communications Planning Partner- Asia Pacific, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Kaspersky

23.01.22 02:26 AM By Aishwarya

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Mr. Mark Opao,  Communications Planning Partner- at Kaspersky (Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Turkey and Africa) 

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In this NotableTalks episode, we got a chance to have an amazing interaction with a very talented marketeer and thought leader Mr. Mark Opao, Communications Planning Partner at Kaspersky for Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Here is his wonderful and interesting conversation with us on the Future of Marketing, Media Planning & Marcom, Cyberecurity, Secure Hybrid Workplace and a variety of more hot topics. Stay tuned for more of such NotableTalks Series episodes with cross function thought leaders from across the globe.

Rapid Fire Round with Mr. Mark Opao

Which are the most promising marketing channels and automations one should focus on for 2022?

Future Of Marketing

Since 2005 you have been at the front lines of the rapidly evolving technology space, with so many first-hand experiences across different aspects of brand communications, We would like to know as per you which are the most promising marketing channels and automation one should focus on for 2022?

One of the things I like about my job is that this industry is always evolving. The media and communication landscape is very dynamic and it always changes year after year. A few things to keep in mind first is to prepare for the cookieless future of marketing now this has been an ongoing debate for marketing for the past 2-3 years since google said that they will remove third party cookies from chrome in 2022. Although this move has been postponed from January 2022 to late 2023 it is still an inevitable scenario so given this marketer need to prepare in moving away from third-party channels that are heavy on cookies into channels which is less or not dependent on third-party cookies to reach the consumers. Dew examples that they can consider are the channels such as connected tv, digital out of home, OTT or mobile in-app advertising. So, another means to consider is for example building and holding first-party data shifting to interest or behavioural marketing into contextual marketing creating well-curated private marketplace deals or leveraging on google's privacy sandbox. The second thing that they have to focus on is the rise of sustainable media advertising so a recent study global study done by Microsoft is that consumers are getting more and more involved and cautious in the way they assumed the product and services and one of the key considerations that they are looking for is whether these product or services is safe and sustainable in today environment out of that 70% out of 84% of those respondents say that they would also likely buy from a company that practises sustainable media marketing or advertising. 

So, right now it is a challenge to clearly define perimeters in sustainable and media advertising but some examples that I can be talking about are sustainability in your social media content promoting a great credential in your website your on-site assets or your assets. Third would be using recycled papers on your traditional billboards using sustainable material and even using immersive technologies AI, AR or VR to explain about environmental impact and sustainability of your product or service. Last but not least is to focus on creating content which is matters now this aspect is related to B2B marketers who are always churning out B2B content to reach their prospective buyers for example in a study by computer weekly B2B tech market has swiftly shifted from physical meeting or physical events into more visual interaction as a consequence a lot of B2B marketer decision-maker are bombarded with so many messages online through social media, through display banners showing content in a certain website. So, that is experiencing a lot of clutter in the online world it is important for marketers to differentiate content that matters to them. So, topics such as how can we can help these B2B decision-makers to justify the precious product that they are selling. For example, identifying the impact of the product on IT. Or how the IT solution can address hybrid or flexible working environments. So, those are would be the main considerations that are foremost for the marketers that should be prepared in 2022 so that they will be well equipped to face the challenge coming in this year. 

Media planning and marketing communications strategies for growth phase startups.

Media Planning & Marcom

What tips would you like to give to a growth phase startup, to set the right track for their media planning and marketing communications strategies which could support them to scale?

I think for growth startup marketers or company owners it is important or I would say very crucial to identify the core objectives as a company as well as the gaps that need to be addressed in a quantifiable manner or the most quantifiable way possible. At the end of the day, media and marketing communication are advertising these, in general, these things only worked when they are addressing the real business issue. so, I know for a fact that sometimes marketers or startup works in a fast pace environment whether they learn fast or fail fast kind of a scenario. We know that startups are a stretch with the financial resources which means every dollars count advertising can be a huge expense for them if they don't know how to use it properly their money just go to waste. Once you have identified that important aspect of your objectives the gaps that are need s to be addressed in a quantifiable manner. You can then clearly identify consequently what their role of marketing communication should be addressing those gaps. After you have done that exercise it is difficult but it has to be done. that is when you can think about the tactical aspect of your media planning campaigns.

Identifying the size of your audiences identifying the most efficient media to reach those audiences and balancing act heat up debate in the marketing. Balancing between brand marketing and performance marketing. Does brand marketing work or it is a short term performance marketing work so it is a balance of gaining enough or sufficient awareness for your product your company or your service v/s short term sales goals. I believe one cannot be sacrificed or compromised especially you are new in the market you want to promote yourself or you are not known in the market the consumers don't know you. It is important to strike a balance between awareness building or brand-building campaigns as opposed to conversion or performance marketing campaigns. 

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