Is Email Client Really Free?

27.05.21 03:12 AM By Shraddha

Email Client Is The Productivity Tool With Features Far Beyond Email

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Is Email Client really free?

If you are looking for a simple email client then, Zimbra desktop is the best choice for you. This software is free and it works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The tool provider in this software provides a calendar, address book, and a to-do list. This software is free for personal use. You can access with two accounts for free in this software. If you are looking for more than two accounts than you have to pay for it.

How much does Email Client cost?

Pricing of this software starts from USD49.95 as a one-time payment, per user. It offers a free trial along with that free version is also available. You can register and get your Email Client License for free. It is the email client software that supports Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, and others.

Is Email Client secure?

Email Client is constantly being updated, so can be rest assured that your email client is completely safe and secure against all online email threats and malwares. This software consists of a built-in PGP encryption which gives you assurance that your email is only visible to you and the receiving party.

What is an Email Client?

An Email Client is an application that helps you to manage your inbox by sending, receiving, and organising mails directly from your desktop/mobile device.

Especially, desktop email clients allow you to manage information that has been exchanged via email messaging without actually having to login and out as you do with web-based email providers like Gmail, yahoo mail, Outlook, and other email services. 

Simply we can say that, it’s a web-based program used on your computer that allows you to send and receive emails. If you receive a lot of mails, having the right email client can make your day.

Top features of Email Client:

  • Emails are accessible without internet access Email Clients allow you to access an “offline” feature, that allows you to view, reply, and write emails without being connected to the internet on your desktop/mobile.

  • Easily Customize Email Client Unlike webmail, most email clients allows you to customize the layout, color, and other features.

How to install Email Client?

Steps to install Email Client:

  • Download the installer from our website.

  • Open the set-up file that you have downloaded and proceed with the installation steps.

  • During the installation, you can choose to make your application launch on the system startup.

How can you import your old data?

Your data can be imported directly by Email Client thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, other popular clients, previous Email Client backup and relevant data files.

At first, when you run the application, an automatic import wizard will lead you through the process and in the process it’ll detect that you have any other email client(s) installed. 

Other than this, we can access the import options at any time in Menu>File>Import. It will allow you to import your emails from .eml files, contacts from .vcf or .csv files, calendars and tasks from .ics files or even Email Client settings from .xml files.

Services that are provided by this application:

  • It supports all standard mailing services that synchronize items through the IMAP Protocol or download messages through the POP3 protocol.

  • It supports synchronization through the exchange web services protocol for MS Exchange and Outlook accounts.

  • Outlook accounts can also be set up with IMAP for mail and AirSync for calendars & contacts.

Different types of Email Clients:

Popular Email Clients include-

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

  • MacOS Mail

  • IncrediMail

  • Mailbox

  • iOS Mail

  • Gmail

  • Yahoo

Example of Email Client:

An email client is a program that lives on your computer and lets you send and receive emails. Typical examples of email client include Outlook and Windows live mail.

How can you secure your Email Client?

You can secure your emails by using some of the top Email Security Software like Trend Micro, Symantec Email cloud security, Spamtitan, Proofpoint, Cisco, Mailguard, and many more.

What is the need of Email Client?

If you want to access multiple accounts through a shared inbox, an Email Client can be very useful. Email Clients not only allows you to receive and send emails but provides multiple features to give you best user experience.

Some of the best Email Clients for maximum Email productivity in 2021:

  • Gmail- Free Email Client: It supports platforms like Android, iOS, Web, MacOS, Windows, Linux. Gmail sits on the top of the lists of Email Client, if you looking for the best Email Client server this year. Gmail has many useful features for both personal and business use and is compatible with a variety of platforms. It has an easy to use interface which makes it quite popular among users. Data handling and storage in Gmail is extremely easy because of the features like cloud storage and sharing.
  • Mail App- Email Client for Windows: It supports on Windows, it can be called an ideal Email client for Windows. It is easy-to-navigate interface, minimal, and designed beautifully. All the features can be reached and used easily. It has features like a focused inbox and easy accessibility which makes it best open source Email Client. The best part about Mail App is that it provides these many features for the users with absolutely free of cost.
  • Mail Spring- Email Client for Linux: It supports on platforms like MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It is categorised as the best Email Client for Ubuntu. It has many interesting features like, eliminating the chances of error with the help of spell check and undo send feature, provides translation features in six different languages. The experience of the user can be totally transformed with it's easy-to-use advanced search feature for managing Emails. There are some personalisation features also available like ability of making RSVP invitations, add signatures to Email, makes it best Email Client software.
  • Yandex Mail- Free Custom Email Client: It supports on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Web, Linux, MacOS. Yandex Mail is smart & secure Email Client. Other than the regular features of Email Client, it provides some of the very cool personalisation features. The ability to change the appearance of your inbox according to your mood makes it different from the other Email Client software. Along with all the features provided to the users it is also totally free of cost.

Thunderbird- Open Source Email Client: It supports on platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web. Thunderbird is the best Email Client for you, if you are looking for an easier Mail user experience. It has time-saving navigation tools like filter toolbar and tabbed Emails. It will be acting like your work assistant with advanced feature like attachment reminder which will make sure you are not forgetting anything important. Mails can also be archived to keep your inbox clutter-free without actually deleting any of the mails.  


All the features of different Email Client are given. If you are looking for some specific feature for your Email Client, We will suggest you to first compare different Email Clients that offers those features before actually buying it. 

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