How Retailers Get Security Ready For Peak Events

10.09.21 12:01 PM By Aishwarya

To-Do List For Peak Events Ensuring Security

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If you want to run a successful retail business, it doesn't matter if you have a single store or warehouse, you have to connect with your customers when and how they want. 

In this article, we will talk about the retail management software and some preparation tips you should know before your retail peak event that can help to provide security and a consistent customer shopping experience which will grow your retail business, So that you can choose according to your needs and available sources.

What is Retail Software?

Retail software is a tool that enables serving customers faster, easier, and more profitable for your retail business. 

Why should you use retail software?

Retail Software enables the customer to experience a hassle-free service. Using retail software will be beneficial in improving customer satisfaction as technology includes every stage of your customer's buying and your selling journey, it’s very important to choose the right retail software for your Retail business.


Benefits of retail management software

  1. Inventory management: Retail software will allow you to manage every product, every sales channel, categorizing on the basis of department, class, vendor, location, fabric, season, color, or any other attribute according to your retail business.

  2. Customer management: it mainly focuses on the key of your business i.e customer. Customer offers advanced customer search using purchase history, records, and export results instantly. You can use these records for better future customer services.

  3. Purchasing and receiving:  this feature helps you with your inventory data on time as the details of stock are available in your inventory. The retail management software automatically shares this information with all apps you are using for selling purposes.

  4. Sales data management:  a successful retail business always keeps focus on its sales data. Retail Management software allows you to keep track of all details of sales, profits and makes it easy to analyze performance quickly and reduce manual data management work.

  5. Customer database: managing the database of all customers manually is quite a hard job. Retail software gives you detailed customer history with customer feedback. This allows a retail business to improve its services according to your customer’s requirements and feedback.

Preparation for peak events/seasons:

As you want to start planning for peak season 2022, you must consider the changes that took place in the last 23 months like Covid-19. Then, how exactly should you prepare for your retail peak event 2022? That's a frequently asked question. 

Security updates and software upgrades are especially important during your retail peak events when orders pour in and your employees pick, pack, and ship orders all over the world. 

 Let’s look at some preparation tips that you will need to handle the load of online orders. So, here is a peak preparation series featuring the top factors you should take into consideration: 

  1. Trends

It is the first factor you should consider for a successful and awesome event. You need to observe consumer behavior and identify all trends in the market related to your business and include all the points to your planning record so that your customer spends their time on and identifies their devices and fulfillment methods easily. 

At the same time, you need to know the season, when your customers plan bulk shopping for their holiday or any other special event. You can use your old peak events records and customer feedback to form an innovative idea of what your customer wants and to shop for this year. 

  1. Technology

You have to make your tech stack stronger so that your business will be protected during peak season, and you can successfully avoid order fulfillment breakdowns. 

 Even if your tech stack can handle the stream of orders on normal days, most systems will not work properly under the weight of peak season purchases. That doesn’t mean you need to throw out all tools in your tech stack. You need to add all solutions to your tech stacks such as predictive analytics, scalable omnichannel order management, AI fraud prevention, and enhanced customer care which is very important for a successful and safe peak event.

3. Employees  

As you start preparing for your retail peak event, it’s important you do the following things.

  •  You need to create an environment where your employee can feel safe working in this Covid season. Proper sanitization of your warehouse or shop is very important for you and your employee. 

  • You need to promote these safety measures in employer branding campaigns. 

  • All employees should be vaccinated and use a proper mask and sanitizer before packing the orders. 

4. Flexible Order Management System 

In the Online shopping system, the facilities provided to the customer make your work easy. From doorstep delivery to Package pickup in online businesses need an easy way to keep it all straight. For reducing a load of successful orders during your retail peak event a proper and flexible order management system is needed.

While planning for your peak event the fulfillment of orders is very important and tracking, managing details of all orders manually is quite a hard task, to solve this issue you should use a proper order management system.

Through the Order management system, you can effectively manage all your inventory across your warehouse or shop, by using the enhanced tools provided by the management system like timely delivery of orders, employee records, pickup, tracking the orders, available stock, etc. 

  1. Business Intelligence 

Business strategies are one of the important factors you should include in your planning for a successful peak event. For decision making and Data analysis, you need to cover all data of the peak event. You can use your old data of previous peak events to make better strategies and target all customers.

Predictive analytics allows you to make intelligent decisions faster and stronger strategies that include trends, discounts, pricing, etc. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

Protecting your business from fraud during peak events is hard. According to the records of last year, frauds have doubled during the holiday season or peak events. So, you should make a better solution for this before starting your retail event. 

Retailers need an artificially intelligent solution that can identify fraud and the moment when fraud happens. 

Using artificial intelligence is good as it prevents your business from fraud and also increases customer experience and satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence restricts those who want to choose to bring consortium data and human intuition into the equation, protection from the bots, and humans who are determined to steal customer data like credit card details, CVV numbers, etc.

You have to include AI fraud detection technology so that your customer feels safe while online shopping and payments, this will definitely increase your customer feedback and experience.



By balancing above mentioned strategies, your retail business will be better prepared for your retail peak event/season. As you look at the above points, preplanning is very important for any event which is going to promote your business.

The key for a successful retail peak event is to consider your tech stack, employee needs, shopping trends, business strategies, AI technologies and adjust your experience strategies accordingly. 

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To have a successful retail peak event, retailers will need to have a robust omnichannel order management system with plans for fulfillment, supply chain, dispatch, pickups, and customer care.

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