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COVID-19 urged prompt action from customer service companies and boosted the demand for the widespread deployment of CECs. This list assesses 16 CRM CEC suppliers to assist application leaders in identifying the solution that matches their present and future requirements the most effectively.

Definition/Description of the Market
The CRM customer engagement centre (CEC) market is defined by the market for software systems used to provide customer service and support (CSS) by engaging intelligently — both proactively and reactively — with consumers by answering inquiries, resolving issues, and offering recommendations.

Within customer journeys, the orchestration of intelligent customer service procedures through a CEC application includes both assisted and self-service moments. Typically, a CEC is based on case management records and processes, but it also encompasses developing methods like conversation-based customer interaction (see Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support Technologies). CEC apps must be developed for the same platform as customer applications. During customer contacts, leading CEC apps are expected to control customer master data.

Other features and functions are built around a CEC application's support for case management, workflow management, and knowledge management.
> Digital engagement channels
> Customer feedback functionality
> Continuous intelligence enables proactive (digital) engagement
> Analytics for predictive customer service
> Engines for adaptive business rule
> Automation of engagement management
> IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity

Additionally, the ratings in this list reflect the significance of:
> Cloud-based systems that can be expanded are scalable.
> Integration of digital and voice interfaces
> Customer success capabilities
> Response proposals and contingency preparations for COVID-19
> Proactive communication with customers
> Composability of CEC software
> Workforce engagement management (WEM) components
> Implementation of contextual knowledge management
> A biome for functional enhancement
> Integration with tools for robotic process automation
CRM Customer

Top Trending 2022

As part of the vendor's low-code automation platform, Appian for Customer Engagement Operations (formerly Intelligent Contact Center) is a framework that supports customer service use cases. Appian specialises on the intelligent business process management and low-code application development markets. It offers case-centric applications to meet the demand for flexible and configurable prebuilt solutions. Although smaller than many of its competitors, Appian is a publicly traded firm whose platform is utilised by numerous enterprise customers and government bodies. Appian is a global company. Large businesses, particularly those in the financial services and public sector, seeking a CEC solution that is scalable, adaptive, and strongly focused on case management might consider Appian.

The Cherwell Service Management system is intended to assist midsize and large enterprises, particularly in the B2B industry, with fewer than 250 customer service users in providing CEC capabilities and enterprise service management capabilities. It offers deployment options in both the cloud and on-premises. Cherwell's direct sales presence and SaaS data centre are restricted to North America, Western Europe, and Australia. It has a limited consumer base outside of these locations.

It offers a customer service product based on the same architecture as its business process management (BPM) platform, in addition to sales, marketing, and digital commerce tools. Creatio is present on a worldwide scale. Its customer base consists mostly of process-intensive B2B/B2C midsize businesses, but increasingly also of large firms. It provided free product access to groups combating the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Additionally, it increased its presence outside of its native region of EMEA and grew its global network of partners, which today consists of over 700 firms. The Service Creatio product is compatible with both on-premises and cloud deployments. Creatio has recently augmented its platform with microservice and Angular-based UI/user experience technologies. Additional extensions are planned.

It delivers CRMNEXT Service Management, its CEC solution, as part of its platform, which also includes sales, marketing, and digital journey capabilities. CRMNEXT's footprint in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore is significant. In addition to having access to portions of the Middle East and Africa, it has recently established a footprint in North America. Principally supported industries include retail banking and insurance. CEC solutions from CRMNEXT provide real-time continuous intelligence with data science, AI, and decision-making to facilitate more autonomous servicing. CRMNEXT should be considered by organisations seeking a vendor with a scalable solution and a significant presence in Asia/Pacific.

This vendor is a pioneer of digital-first engagement, and their product, the eGain Digital Customer Engagement Suite, contains customer engagement solutions as well as knowledge management, AI, and analytics capabilities. eGain is a publicly traded corporation with a global reach. Its clientele consists primarily of big and midsize businesses, particularly in the financial services, government, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and utilities industries. eGain enables complicated contact centre integrations, frequently in cooperation with large contact centre as a service (CCaaS) and CRM providers. eGain should be evaluated by B2C enterprises seeking robust digital customer engagement capabilities underpinned by AI, knowledge management, and CEC desktop capabilities.

Freshdesk omnichannel solution is deployed in more than 120 countries, but the majority of Freshworks' clients are located in the United States and Western Europe. Freshworks demonstrates foresight through its expansion into digital customer service (including voice service), workforce engagement management, customer success management, and field service management, in addition to its established IT/HR support solutions and the recent introduction of the Freshworks Neo platform. Notable COVID-19 responses include discounts and free products for affected industries, as well as temporary discounts on customer licences and bill reductions. Freshworks is a viable option for midsize businesses seeking to meet a "customer for life" vision with an emphasis on collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provide CEC capabilities. Microsoft has added hundreds of new features and updates to its CEC offering, including the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Voice service, over the past year (for which general availability is planned for 3Q21). Microsoft provides its service globally, primarily to companies. In response to COVID-19, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service was made available at no cost for up to six months for implementations linked to COVID-19; the vendor also provided FastTrack assistance, subsidised pricing, and extensions of specific deals. Microsoft should be considered for multichannel support, a customer service case/ticketing system, and internal or external service teams. Additionally, they should consider it if they are extending their use of Microsoft technologies.

Oracle provides CEC capabilities through Oracle Support, a suite of customer service tools that is a component of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience. Oracle is one of the most frequently named suppliers by clients enquiry service that are seeking a CEC solution. Oracle Service enabled business and public institutions to adjust rapidly, often in less than two weeks, in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. B2C enterprises worldwide that support complicated customer journeys and integration should evaluate Oracle's CEC solution. Oracle is also utilised by B2B companies, primarily in the high-tech and manufacturing industries, for high-touch service engagements with an emphasis on collaborative account management.

Within its Pega Client Service solution, the company offers tools for automating customer engagement and case workflow. Pegasystems has a global footprint. Two-thirds of its customers are in the government, financial services, and healthcare industries. Pegasystems has revamped its sales and go-to-market strategy over the past year with a focus on the client experience, customer success, the expansion of revenue channels, and the recruitment of partners in new verticals. Notable pandemic responses include the COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker application and the rapid supply of essential service solutions. When organisations need to make regular modifications to highly innovative and proactive customer service processes and journeys, they should consider Pega Customer Service.

Over two-thirds (68%) of prospective CEC customers has spoken have selected Salesforce Service Cloud as their first, second, or third choice product (its nearest competitor was shortlisted by 42 percent ). Over the past year, Salesforce has added more than 230 new features and additions to Salesforce Service Cloud, including Service Cloud Voice (a preintegrated voice service offered via Amazon Connect) and the option to link with other contact centre voice offerings. Medium-sized B2C and B2B firms, as well as multinational corporations, should choose Salesforce's CEC solution.

Through its Intelligent Enterprise and Experience Economy initiatives, it continues to push its transformation in order to deliver the next generation of CEC solutions with SAP Service Cloud. Investments in user experience and machine learning, as well as the expansion of native digital channels and collaborations, such as the one with Microsoft to interface with Microsoft Teams, are the focal points of SAP's 2021 road map. SAP works globally, with an even distribution of customers across the world. SAP clients have implemented new RPA solutions and accelerated contact tracing, vaccine production, and distribution initiatives in response to COVID-19. SAP should be considered for CEC by large enterprises with complicated CEC procedures and integration requirements, as well as organisations having an established relationship with SAP or plans to use other SAP technologies.

The ServiceNow Client Service Management (CSM) software enables businesses to combine customer-facing teams and communication channels with back-office teams, procedures, and technology in order to swiftly answer customer demands. ServiceNow provides powerful case management and knowledge management that are tightly connected with digital product and service monitoring. ServiceNow operates internationally. The majority of its CEC clientele are American, although its footprint in EMEA is expanding. ServiceNow should be explored by organisations that are technological, asset-intensive, and case-centric service organisations, or are in the process of becoming such organisations, and that require flexible and complex workflow alternatives.

Sugar Serve, its principal CEC solution, was offered in mid-2019 as a standalone product (it was formerly part of the original Sugar Enterprise offering). The vendor has a presence in over 120 countries, although over half of its Sugar Serve customers are from North America and one-quarter are from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. SugarCRM continues to expand its ecosystem offering with connections with Amazon, Genesys, and Twilio, among others. Notable COVID- SugarCRM has incorporated expedited migration of customers from on-premises systems to SugarCloud in 19 of its answers. SugarCRM should be considered by midsize service businesses in search of a capable customer engagement solution, or those that are utilising or preparing to use sales automation.

Verint Cloud Platform for Customer Engagement is an omnichannel platform with centralised knowledge, case, workflow, and customer history capabilities. Verint is a large, well-established, U.S.-based company best known for its employee engagement management service, which accounts for the majority of its income. Verint operates abroad, however the majority of its clients are American. Verint's reaction to COVID-19 introduced QuickStart packages, a collection of 14 lower pricing and accelerated deployment time options. Verint should be explored by businesses in search of a modern cloud-based or hybrid CEC solution that integrates sophisticated digital self-service, case management, and workforce engagement management capabilities centred on knowledge management.

Zendesk Support application is included in the wider Zendesk Suite (sometimes referred to as Zendesk for Service), which combines a customer communication hub with engagement orchestration features to form the vendor's CEC product. Zendesk has the largest client base among the companies in this CRM customer engagement center segment, with 170,000 customers. The provider operates on a global scale, mostly with medium clients but increasingly also with major organisations. In addition to introducing new add-on options, Zendesk has introduced new pre-built packages that include omnichannel assistance throughout the past year. Zendesk is renowned for its strong user adoption rates, user-friendly UI, and customer-centric SaaS-only implementation. There are no industry-specific solutions offered by Zendesk. It is appropriate for organisations that do not need industry-specific modifications.

It delivers the enterprise-scale capabilities of a worldwide SaaS-plus-PaaS provider, but is primarily utilised by small and midsize organisations (SMBs). For the market of customer support, Zoho offers Zoho Desk. Zoho has invested in its product so that it can manage high-complexity customer care operations supported by relatively small teams (those with fewer than 50 users), a market area that is neglected by other suppliers. Notable COVID-19 reactions have included complimentary Zoho Desk licences for government agencies and departments conducting pandemic relief efforts. The majority of Zoho's clients are located in the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Zoho should be evaluated by SMBs in need of a low-code platform and extensive customer support capabilities.

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