7 Of The Best Accounting Software 2022

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Ultimate Guide to Accounting Software

Acounting software 2022
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Why choose an accounting software?
With an increase of many businesses and people remotely working, accounting software is going to be the future. Accounting software is a type of application software that processes and takes note of accounting transactions in a small or large business. Some features of an accounting software include; paying accounts, receiving accounts, journals, payroll systems, balance and more. This can benefit any small or large business rather than using a paper based accounting system. 
The best accounting software can be different for several businesses. A small business may need a different software compared to a larger business or someone who is self employed. It can be hard to choose the right accounting software because there are so many on the market. 

Do you relate with any of the below mentioned?

  • Are you an owner of a small business trying to manage your accounting needs?

  • Are you struggling to manage invoices and payroll for your business?

  • Are you having trouble keeping up with the flow of your company’s money and finances?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then an accounting software will be the right choice for you. At AnyTechTrial.Com you can Explore, Compare, and Try all most popular accounting softwares for free. AnyTechTrial.Com is the most enriched SaaS marketplace that allows you to plan your roadmap for digital transformation and become future ready.

Key Must Have Features for accounting software:
  • Expense Tracking: Accounting software systems can keep track of all expenses in the company.

  • Payroll: An accounting software should be able to have an advanced payroll system so employees can get paid on time.

  • Invoice processing: It is key to have an accounting software that keeps track of invoices.

  • Banking: It is important that your accounting software can be linked to your bank account allowing you to make direct payments.

  • Accounts payable: It should be able to make automatic payments, handle purchases, and tax forms.

Accounting software is a great choice for someone to work on bookkeeping, making it easier to run a business, and most other forms of accounting will be phased out eventually. It can be a great time-saving feature to your business and may be a crucial tool during a pandemic.

Which are some of the best and most popular accounting software?
It is important that you choose the right accounting software that suits your business and personal needs. Nowadays, there are many options available, it can be hard to choose one. AnyTechTrial allows you to try out different software for free. Some of the most popular accounting software are mentioned below.
  1. Xero

 Xero has been a popular accounting software around the globe for quite some time primarily it is popular amongst small and medium businesses. Xero was one of the first online accounting software that became popular. Xero is widely adaptive across industries and geographies. It is a lot easier to use compared to other ways of accounting and has been labeled the best accounting software in the UK. At AnyTechTrial.Com you can try out Xero before committing to buying it. Xero is a great option for productive accounting setup in your business. The great thing about  Xero is that no matter what type of business you have, Xero can adapt to your needs and grow with you. This is partly because their integration has more than 800+ third party business apps. 

Features of Xero:

  1. Pay Bills, you are able to pay bills automatically.

  2. Accept payments, accepting payments from other clients or companies.

  3. Bank connections, are able to connect your bank accounts to take money out or add.


1. Can I access xero on my mobile device or tablet?

    Yes, it is a fully cloud-based system.

2. Is xero used in all countries?

    Yes, xero is used across the globe.

3. Is xero just for small businesses?

    Xero can be used for any company and can grow with you and your business.

2) Quickbooks

Quickbooks is another popular accounting software online in the UK that is better for medium-sized businesses. Quickbooks is one of the leaders in the cloud for accounting software due to their innovative platform. Quickbooks has an advanced payroll system that lets you automate an entire payrun. They have over 4.5 million customers all across the world and continue to gain more support every day. Some great things that Quickbooks lets you do are making credit card transactions easily accessible, organize weekly time sheets, track bank transactions, scan bills and receipts, see invoices, and it will even send you reminders. Quickbooks has an advanced payroll system that you can automate to fit your own business.


1. Will Quickbooks work on an apple MAC?

    Yes, it will work on any browser.

2. Is Quickbooks used around the world?

    Yes, Quickbooks can be used from anywhere.

3. Can you make transactions on Quickbooks?

    Yes, you are able to make credit card transactions.

Features of Quickbooks

  1. Automated payment reminders, Quickbooks will remind you when payments are due.

  2. Track invoices, all invoices will be recorded to make sure they get paid.

  3. Manage receipts, Quickbooks keeps track of all purchases made.

3) Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is perfect for small businesses and freelancers that requires very little accounting knowledge. This is a simple software that is perfect for someone who just needs something not super complicated yet can accomplish their accounting needs. It is great at tracking finances and can operate from pretty much any device in the cloud. They offer over 100 integrations with several apps to manage all of your accounting needs. This is a popular accounting software in the UK because of how easy it is to use. It is a productive software that is free to try at Anytechtrial. 


1. Can I download Sage on a new computer?

    Yes, Sage is easy to download, just follow the instructions on their website.

2. Is Sage used in the cloud?

    Yes, you can access Sage from anywhere.

3. Is Sage good for small businesses?

    Yes, Sage is perfect for small businesses and can support all accounting needs.

Features of Sage Business Accounting

  1. Advanced Payroll system, Sage will automatically pay employees.

  2. Automated payments, payments can be made at a scheduled time and you will never miss a payment.

  3. Automatic backup, Sage saves everything that happens so you will not lose anything.

4) Freshbooks

Freshbooks is another popular accounting software in the UK and in the cloud accounting space. Freshbooks is a newer software that is great for any small business looking to manage any accounting needs. It is best for service providers, freelancers, and small businesses. Freshbooks is a single app that is easily accessible to anyone from many different devices. Freshbooks makes it easy to make payments, track times, and simplify the workload. It is a very user-friendly experience using Freshbooks and will be good for most people wanting help with accounting needs. 

Features of Freshbooks

  1. Create invoices for clients, Freshbooks automatically creates invoices.

  2. Make client estimates, it can make estimates for clients looking to purchase something.

  3. Track expenses, Freshbooks tracks all purchases made.


1. How does Freshbooks work?

    Freshbooks allows you to set up automatic billing and invoices easily.

2. Can Freshbooks be accessed from anywhere?

    Yes, you can access Freshbooks anywhere in the cloud.

3. Is Freshbooks easy for a small business to use?

    Freshbooks is simple and can support the accounting needs of any business.

5) Freeagent

Freeagent is another accounting software that is great for people that are self-employed and contractors. Freeagent has won multiple awards for their company for small businesses in 2020. It is user-friendly and lets you add as many clients and projects that you need to. It is perfect for someone that uses timesheets because it tracks time and lets you input things very easily. To create an invoice it is very straight-forward and it sets reminders to pay bills. Another great feature of Freeagent is that you are able to use MTD, RTI, HMRC and GDPR. This is popular among contractors and freelancers in the UK. 

Features of Freeagent

  1. Creates and sends invoices to clients for many different needs.

  2. Expert managing expenses, manages expenses and purchases for you.

  3. Monitors cashflow, manages how much cash is collected and sent out.


1. How do I sign up for Free Agent?

    There is a free trial of the software at AnyTechTrial.Com or you can purchase it on their website.

2. Is Free Agent used in UK?

    Yes, many people in the UK use Free Agent for their accounting needs. 

3. Can I use free agent from my phone?

    Yes, you can access free agent anywhere in the cloud.

4. Is Free Agent easy to use?

    Free Agent is very user friendly and is used by many contractors.

6) Zoho Books

Zoho books is one of the most popular bookkeeping accounting software that is good for those working with international customers. It is also great for solopreneurs and micro-businesses. Zoho books may not be as popular as competitors but it is very functional and compatible with many different devices and users. Zoho has over 40 companion cloud apps that can cover most of your accounting needs for any business. Zoho offers bank reconciliation, custom invoices, online payments, receipt scanning, projects, timesheets, over 20 reports and workflow automation. Zoho is also supported by all operating systems, which is a great aspect. If you want to try out Zoho Books, AnyTechTrial offers a free trial. 

Features of Zoho Books

  1. Create customized invoices for any business needs and clients.
  2. Track expenses and payments to employees and clients.
  3. Empower customers with a client portal, this feature lets customers see invoices, expense reports, and payments.


1. Can you have multiple companies in Zoho books?

    Yes, Zoho allows you to have multiple companies under one account.

2. Is Zoho Books good for small businesses?

    Yes, Zoho Books is easy to use for small businesses.

3. Can I use Zoho Books anywhere?

    Yes, Zoho Books can be accessed all over the world.

7) Clearbooks

Clearbooks is a very simple form of software, perfect for any small business. In 2014, Clearbooks won Best Cloud Accounting Software in the UK Cloud Awards. A very intuitive and easy to navigate system with many different features. It is a great way to create professional invoices and get your employees and clients paid faster. It also tracks many financial numbers that are easily accessible and updated fast. This accounting software is most popular in the UK but will soon be just as popular all over the world due to its ease of use accounting features for small businesses. 

 1. Can I try Clearbooks?

   Yes, at AnyTechTrial.Com you can try it for free.
              2. Is Clearbooks only used in the UK?

   No, Clearbooks can be used around the world.
              3. Can I use Clearbooks for my personal use?

    Yes, Clearbooks can be used for many different needs.

Features of Clearbooks

  1. Cloud accounting software that can be used from any device and used anywhere.

  2. Imports bank statements from your bank account automatically.

  3. All data is backed up. Everything that happens will be saved in your account.

    There are many different types of accounting software available on the web that can benefit your small business or personal needs. Anytechtrial is a great way to try out different ones to make sure you pick the right one. This software allows you to have accounts receivable, payroll, invoice processing, banking, and accounts payable. Read more about finding the best accounting software for your business at AnyTechTrial.Com

Final Thoughts
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