Democratisation of Technology - Bharat 4.0
Digital Transformation of Digital India
An Article Series Featuring Top CIO's & Industry Leaders

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. In the times of WhatsApp, Slack, Uber, Swiggy, PayTM, Bitcoin and more, technology is not just helping businesses to perform but is also accessed by people in their day to day lives. In this context we bring to you views on how technology is helping businesses to stay connected with their customers today, featuring some of the top CIO's & industry leaders across the country.

Shuvankar P

CIO - Columbia Aisa Hospitals

Vikas Arora


Anand Sinha

CIO & Director IT - OCS Group

Venkat Srinivas

CIO - RA Chem Pharma Ltd.

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Popular Categories
Tech Work
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