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Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. In the times of Uber, Swiggy, PayTM, Bitcoin and more, technology is not just helping businesses to perform but is also accessed by people in their day to day lives. In this context we spoke with Mr. Anand Sinha (Chief Information Officer & Director IT at OCS Group India)  about  how  technology is helping businesses to stay connected with their customers today and how effectively and securely democratisation of technology revolutionising health care industry. 

Technology continues to disrupt almost every sector with constant advancements that radically improve the performance of enterprises. For the facilities management industry too, service providers and clients are screening for better validation of productivity and performance; standardization of services & process improvement; and sustainability in terms of asset life cycle, carbon footprint etc. Digital transformation in the facilities management sector can be achieved by making people, process, and technology work together.

Digital Era

Digital transformation represents the next stage of business development. It will improve how companies work—inside and out. But, without knowing how the customers or employees are evolving, digital transformation is just new technology operating under the guise of change. Customer and digital first approach help change agents to identify priorities and difference among customer to create a sense of urgency and a roadmap for business priorities to resolve and align companies to assess the real customer experience

 Democratisation of Technology 

By: Mr. Anand Sinha (Chief Information Officer & Director - IT at OCS Group India)

We’re part of the OCS Group – an international facilities management company, based in the UK and trusted by more than 20,000 customers around the globe. In India, OCS Group is one of the largest integrated facility management service providers, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to more than 350 customers every day.

OCS is leveraging digital platforms, automation of Feedback, Audit , Checklist & Tasks, management, automation in energy management, customer experience analytics and transformational predictive maintenance services to offer an integrated solution to clients. IoT and AI are transforming the facilities management industry today. Companies are now recommending alternative mechanisms for success using simple, low-cost sensor devices to provide valuable data in real-time. This acts as a key enabler to provide smart, resilient, sustainable and productive solutions.

These technologies have opened new possibilities for OCS by allowing us to create business cases based on strong, reliable data thereby resulting in a measurable return on investment. With AI and predictive analytics coming into its own, the need of the hour is to use data insights that bring together operations, maintenance and sustainability for smart operations, everyday sustainability performance intelligence, and occupant engagement and productivity.

For clients, embracing technology not only improves efficiency and optimizes cost; but is also key for them to stay ahead in the fight against ever-more sophisticated criminal activity. The key on using digital solutions in a facility is to analyse how it can influence the business environment, changing a businesses’ agility to react, and significantly modifying its entire value proposition and overall operations.

For clients, digitization ensures healthy building and infrastructure operations while also reducing costs, improving productivity, and making the premises more sustainable. It also leads to better organization of departments, less unplanned downtime, and better overall business performance. For facilities management companies, integrating digital solutions into their delivery model is critical to differentiate, compete effectively, provide reliable and efficient service and key to ensure market success.

In the context of the global pandemic, responsibility of FM companies in keeping people and assets safe is now more than ever. Several companies have come up with digital innovations that can help in COVID risk mitigation within a workplace. Companies are now using technology for ensuring social distancing using IoT and AI. Contact-free access, attendance trackers and automatically generated digital passes for visitors are some of the ways adopted by companies to minimise human intervention. Additionally, technologies like access control systems, automated thermal cameras for temperature screening, face mask detection using AI, room sensors to track human activity, mass compliance systems are also being widely used to ensure safety and security at the workplace.

About Anand Sinha

An Enterprising leader & planner with a strong record of contributions to the business, technology vision and direction by influencing strategies and monitoring execution of major technology initiatives, skilled in mapping business processes, devising reengineering plan, steering transformation of organizational practices. 

Anand has over 23 years of rich and quantitative experience and Leading Business Transformation, Digital Transformations, Enterprise Program Management, IT Operations, Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Stakeholder & Partner Management across various industries like Telecom , Media , ITES , IT Hardware and Software organizations of High Repute .  In OCS Group India Anand is responsible for crafting the IT Strategy & Operations, Information Security and leading the digital transformation journey in India and building cutting edge Technology solutions with the effective use of IoT, cloud, AI, Robotics and RPA. 

With his contribution for the Organisations and the Industries Anand has got many Global and Industry recognition Like Global Cybersecurity Leadership , Global Catalyst Technology Award , CIO Power List , CXO Award , CIO 500 , The World 200 CIO , CIO Crown , Global Security Leader , Elite CIO , IDC Insights Excellence, CIO 200 , CIO of the Year , Innovative CIO , BIG 50 Cyber Security, Top 100 CISO 2017/18, Cyber Sentinel, Innovation and New Initiatives in DataCenter Excellence Award & InfoSec Maestros etc. 

Anand Sinha

Present: CIO & Director IT India  at OCS Group UK since 2019

Past: SVP at BARC India (2016-2019) | Head IT at Airtel (2006-2016)

In his entire 23 years of experience Anand has drove many new IT initiatives, designing corporate infrastructures and have contributed in achievement of organisational objectives-– Cloud, Security, IoT , M2M, Detection Technologies. 

Bharat 4.0

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